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Life . . .

What does a little boy see standing in the back of a crowded elevator? Only Belt-loops and Backsides! But, hoisted onto his fathers shoulders, how the view changes! Suddenly, the giants that surrounded on every side seem rather small.

When we try to stand on our own, "belt-loops and backsides" can pretty much describe life…no room to move, no air to breathe, hemmed in on all sides. But freedom is as near as "Daddy's arms". He can show us what we cannot see by ourselves.

Maybe it's time for a different perspective in your life. Let the Father lift you up to see the Big Picture…where there is freedom, restoration, and the Father's perspective for your life. Because, there is more than belt-loops and backsides…much more!

We offer a 3 day journey into the recovery of your masculine heart, based on the book Wild at Heart. Thursday evening to Sun around 1 pm.

The Heart is Central

Is there not a piece of your heart that calls you to adventure? Is there a little voice in your heart calling you to live Fiercely, Passionately, Wild and Free - perhaps the voice of God himself because it is part of Who God Is?

This is no ordinary men's retreat! There will be Adventure!

Dare to adventure with God in the very things you love:

  • Be inspired - motivating speakers and captivating movie clips
  • Recreational Adventure:

    • Float trip
    • Golf
    • Paint ball
    • Fishing
  • Fellowship
  • Personal ministry opportunities
  • The opportunity to Hear from God
  • A transformed life!

Come join us, we believe you will never be the same.